Upcycled and Repurposed

Crafts people are making waves with found items they recycle — which helps to save our earth. And here is a fine example of what you might see…

My client Maya Hays has a fabulous line of accessories and eventually clothes that fits this description aptly. She has a website that someone created for her using Elegant Themes, which I have always wanted to try. Since her web person moved away and she lost contact, Maya asked me to step in and make some revisions. She wanted me to apply my marketing expertise and eye to what would make her site most compelling and usable. It was a complete delight becuase with every move I made she agreed that it improved the presentation. One fun thing was to include a logo she drew herself, then make sure that all the banners top and bottom as well as circles and rectangles associated with social media were the same color. It took some digging deep into the well of options at her theme, but finally not one effort escaped my efforts. I felt like a detective that solved the case. Click here to see her site in action! You might just have to get one of her delightful accessories from her Etsy store!

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