Time Line Gallery

I just finished a website for Lew Graham that includes an interesting timeline on the home page. To accomplish this task we purchased a Themeforest WordPress theme named The Curator. Instead of using traditional WordPress galleries the designer or editor attaches a featured image to each post that will appear in the time line. And after assigning a category, you can instruct the software to use that category as a page on the menu. In this case, you can see those pages as drop-down selections under Works. I had to mess around some to figure out this new way of working but it was worth it. The results are worthy!

Do check out the various art pieces that Lew creates. I particularly enjoyed early assemblages and landscapes. Interesting that the design of this site actually compliments her most recent pieces that are grid based. A modern fresh statement is made by the layout and look of the site.

See this to enjoy the view!

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