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  • Svelte Zone – Nutrition

    This site was initiated by me working with the client to establish the look and structure for the site using godaddy’s Website Builder. This makes it easy to pull and push and click different types of content into each page. The client has a unique range of services, and was a delight to work with. […]

  • Order and Flow

    Keep it Simple. That’s pretty much the model for the recommendations and services provided by a lovely gal named Susan Finer. She helps others organize their home and create a comfortable relaxing space. The website I created for her used the WordPress theme 3clicks. See this site in action here.

  • Tradition: Its in the Details

    One of the latest websites I developed was for Tom Calisto who makes exceptionally fine furniture that is classical in style. I can only imagine how much careful attention he must pay to the details! It is obvious how refined his skills are. Take a look at his galleries to see his lovely work. He […]

  • Martha Whitney - Therapist Chapel Hill

    Martha Whitney: Therapist

    This website was created for a therapist and life coach who found a lovely variety of shots in the woods that all had lavender around different paths. The images were metaphorical and represented the different types of therapy she can offer. Her husband quickly learned how to manage this WordPress site and continues to add […]

  • The Swiss-Smith: A Fine Jeweler

    The Swiss-Smith: A Fine Jeweler

    This website was created for a goldsmith who is Swiss and just moved to Raleigh. Interesting that she found me using google to search for someone who was a writer as well as a web designer. I used the ever popular Avada theme, which is for WordPress, to create a site that looks somewhat constrained […]

  • Edward Ralston

    Ed Ralston ~ Fine Home Building

    This site was created for my partner who is a foreman for fine house building. He was between jobs for one day only and in two days I made this site for him, and hand coded it, but he has been busy every since. I am sharing with you so you can see the unbelievably […]

  • Pittsboro Hair Stylist

    This site was quickly created with wordpress using colors that matched the logo I created. Stock photography was used in conjunction with a photograph¬†I took of this hair stylist! The WordPress theme I used was Avada. Click this link to see this website in action.  

  • Sonia Ragan Dancer

    It was fun to create the logo for this site, which showcases the talent of a dancer. Click here to see this web site in action.

  • LInda Haac

    Linda Haac

    This site was hand coded; this writer has lots of experience to share with those that go to her website! She specifically asked for kinko leaves and these colors for her logo! Click here to see this web site in action.

  • Essential Nutrition

    I recently rebuilt this site using godaddy’s Website Builder which has many nicely constructed templates, with most any feature–look–feel you might want. The beauty of this method is that you can see how it will look on the large screen and phone as you edit. Also, once I have built a site for someone using […]