For Artists

  • Carolina Stained Glass

    Originally I hand built this website using code but the look because out of date. I rebuilt this using Godaddy’s website builder. Suzie Geyer is a terrific client! She resized many of her images of her work and her student’s work so they would look all the same width as you go down the page. […]

  • Time Line Gallery

    I just finished a website for Lew Graham that includes an interesting timeline on the home page. To accomplish this task we purchased a Themeforest WordPress theme named The Curator. Instead of using traditional WordPress galleries the designer or editor attaches a featured image to each post that will appear in the time line. And after […]

  • Fine Art expressed as collage

    Fine Art Expressed as Collage

    This website was a while in the making because the client was busy emerged in many different activities. Her first web master was not accessible to her any longer so she approached me to rebuilt her site from scratch. I used WordPress and the theme Dandelion. She specified the font she wanted for her logo […]

  • Portraiture

    This site was created for an artist that paints lovely detailed portraits. She wanted a site that was straightforward, “clean cut”, and informative without unnecessary detail. I built this site using WordPress and the Dandelion theme. It was a pleasure working with her because she was organized with word docs containing all her text, captions […]

  • Upcycled and Repurposed

    Crafts people are making waves with found items they recycle — which helps to save our earth. And here is a fine example of what you might see… My client Maya Hays has a fabulous line of accessories and eventually clothes that fits this description aptly. She has a website that someone created for her […]

  • Keep It Simple

    That was the mantra that Paul Hrvosky handed me when he asked me to redesign his website. He had already built a site using Square Space but had seen my work for artists and knew it could be improved. It did not take long at all; maybe three hours to switch to a theme that […]

  • Triangle Visual Artists

    This website was created using the WordPress theme Avada. I had a grand time creating the logo, the look, and the activity seen in the slider used on the home screen. I took interesting photos of a show up at a lovely location in Chapel Hill. I intentionally shot them at an angle to give […]

  • sydney morgan artist website

    Paintings & Portraits — Best and Brightest

    I just finished a website who is for someone who is learning all about WordPress and making good design decisions so her work will be seen as the “best and brightest”. For this site we selected the theme Dandelion. Bernice has been most clever at picking up the techniques needed to add images and text […]

  • Edwin McLean music composer

    Composing Music & Art

    I created this site using the wordpress theme named “live!” This accomplished composer wanted a place to sell musical scores and also display his art work, which is fabulous in its strict black and white boldly graphic imagery. The visual art is quite a contrast to his musical forms which are much lighter and more classical […]

  • Ferns & Fancy: My Crafts Site

    Originally when I created this site a number of years ago I used two different favorite WordPress themes: Dandelion and 3Clicks and WooCommerce as a plugin so I could have a shop. Recently I easily rebuilt this website using Godaddy’s Website Builder. I have a home page presentation with that has a slider with many […]

  • Rosie Thompson Mixed Media Art

    Metaphysical Ponderings: Mixed Media Art

    This website was created for a mixed media artist who has an extended list of exhibitions and many different galleries of images to represent her work over time. I find her material intriguing and loved how the black and whiteness of most pieces standout with such boldness at this site. The WordPress theme I used […]

  • Bernice Koff Artist

    The work of this multimedia artist is dynamic. I used a WordPress theme named Dandelion to create this site. I love the look and I love the work of the artist. To help it stand out and not upstage it a muted background was selected. Click here to see this web site in action.

  • steevijane's gallery


    This website for a local artist was built using the WordPress Cardamon. It was a delight working with her because she has such varied styles, and she is brave enough to upload her own images! She has quite the right energy, so it was fun to work with her. Also, you should know that she […]

  • Screen Shot triartsparks


    This site was created using a WordPress theme named “Sweet & Sexy”. The inspiration was actually me swirling my camera around in front of a Christmas tree a few years ago, then manipulating the lines to create an image that reminds me of musical notes. I took that, stretched it and refined it then adapted it […]

  • Martha Petty

    Martha Petty Encaustic Artist

    I created this site using the WordPress theme named The Cotton. The look of this site was influenced by the type of work that Martha Petty does. She works in encaustics! Click here to see this website in action.

  • Nancy Bartolome, Artist

    Nancy Bartolome Artist

    I enjoyed designed this hand coded site to compliment and reinforce Nancy’s history and love of Mayan art work. Nancy no longer has a website, but I have this here as an example of how space and color can be used to enhance and present content in an interesting manner!    

  • Anita Wolfenden Fiber Art

    Anita Wolfenden Blog

    This is a blog spot I created for a terrific fiber artist who works in paper making amazing sculptural forms. Click this link to see this website in action.  

  • Needle Points of View

    Needle Points of View

    You must see the work of this artist; it is active, detailed, and most engaging! Click here to see this web site in action.

  • lindaprager-designs

    Linda Prager Designs

    This website has a nice portfolio to showcase this artist’s ceramic work. Click here to see this site in action.