White Bright and Beautiful

Recently I worked on a challenging website because it needed to provide eCommerce versatility for the purchase of very high-end  jewelry created by a silver/goldsmith who just moved to Raleigh from Switzerland. With the very active and valuable participation of the client we just finished up this view of her world, with a flourish of the “pen” and “ink” so to speak. The pen meaning what we would say, and the ink meaning what we would show. In this case, Claudia was quite happy to have me carefully express what she wanted to say. While she speaks three languages fluently, she is not one to slather on the words; one of the reasons she selected me from those listed in google was because she noted I was a writer!

Anyhow, to get back to the design. This client and new friend, Claudia Hug, wanted a site that had her shop items appearing on pure white and not the usual graduated grey most jewelers use for their photography. And she was adventuresome. She bought a special unit with a white backdrop and daylight balanced light to photography her jewelry herself. She over exposes each shot so the background does not revert to a grey and she has figured out how to make sure the gold looks gold and the silver looks silver. At first I thought this was way too much trouble, but I now admit the result is quite spectacular.

This site has been designed to meet Claudia’s expectations for something that would be straightforward, easy to use and not overwrought with too much verbiage. We are both pleased!

Take a look at this incredible jewelry. It is beyond the pale! Bold, bright, beautiful! Everything I was taught to admire!

And stay tuned. When Claudia’s daughter visits here from Switzerland we are going to videotape her when she decks herself with various pieces of Claudia’s jewelry; we plan to have the young lady twirl and step around through North Carolina scenery to show off the fine wares!

Here is a link so you can see all in its true delightful glory!