What’s A Logo Have to Do with It

  1. Sonia Ragan dancer

Logo design requires a look that reflects the nature of the service to be rendered. In the case of Sonia Ragan, an accomplished dance instructor, I created a logo that is literately a swirl of activity. This compliments her robust style of dancing whether it be an American Rhythm or a more Latin beat. It also suggests an frenetic energy that is displayed when she makes her many refined dance moves across the floor with partners!

Although the logo is definitely energetic and intense, I designed the site to have an openness, so her lovely photography and many skills are presented in a straightforward manner. It was fun to make bullets that matched the red text used for her logo. And the font I selected for the title at the top suggests both grace and  competency.

Because Sonia is a recognized talent who has won many titles it is a treat to see her on the floor in real time in a video found on the page About Sonia. And a map is included on the contact page so people can easily locate the studio where she teaches dancing.

Sonia has been a real pleasure to work; her sister hired me to do the site as a “present” for her sister Sonia. This particular site was hand-coded. As her needs change, it has been easy to update this site because it has a simple design and each page has just the right amount of content that demonstrates how Sonia is a real contender!

If you are curious, take a look at the Sonia Ragan Dance Instructor site.