Testimonials about Web Design

quote iconTrudy is a rare talent and her abilities are only surpassed by her desire to do the best possible work and her determination to make every project she touches exceptional. I strongly recommend Trudy for any project that involves clean and contemporary visual design, and a focussed effective message. She has a wealth of proven experience in effectively managing people, processes and technology for high return results.

— Bill Marriott, Director of Video and New Media, SAS

It is one thing to work with a computer-savy web designer in creating a website for an art business. And then there is Trudi! She can do all the machinations to get a site going, hosted, and organized, but she also uses her artistic eye to arrange the images for balance and clarity. Her attention to the types of details that mean so much to those of us who make art is unsurpassed: from choosing background colors to page layouts to arranging images. It was a pleasure to work with her on my new site and I feel very fortunate to have found her as a member of the OCAG community of artists.

— Bunny Koff, Artist, Chapel Hill

Trudy was just the web designer I was looking for. We worked face-to-face, side-by-side, which
gave me the just the right amount of control. Trudy is an expert who gets right down to business,
offering prompt, sound guidance. You’ll be surprised at how quickly you’ll be able to launch your crisp, stylish website with all your needs addressed and no time wasted!

— Dr. Glenna Batson, Movement Educator and Researcher

Trudy is a rare gem…a seasoned professional who listens and is extremely responsive.  She’s creative, yet practical.  And really FUN to work with! Our site went through many changes with photography and other components and she was willing to explore different ways to make the content effective!

— Sari Teplin, Founder & Owner inBUSINESS COWORKING, Chapel Hill

I wanted a my site to be simple, straightforward and look smart, and Trudy worked to make that happen. She helped me figure out how to use Squarespace and completely redesigned my website so now it is fresh looking,  and easy to maneuver.  She even created panoramic scenes to introduce the visitor to my space and the array of furniture offered to customers.

— Paul Hrusovsky, Owner, Studio Design Studio, Chapel Hill

I am very thankful to Trudy for helping me by creating a WordPress website that I am able to easily manage by myself. She showed me how to add and delete portfolio/slideshow images, text, pages, posts, and more. Since there are so many templates to choose from, she helped me narrow down the selections and choose the best one for the features I wanted. Then she helped me choose the colors I wanted for my site. She also created two videos that are posted on my site. Note: You can read more about them in the posting under videos.

— Shelly Hehenberger, Artist and Illustrator, Chapel Hill

Trudy is not only artistic, she is highly technical, which is an unusual combination. She has the extensive experience needed to design a professional and creative website. The feedback on my website has been positive! Trudy works very efficiently with your hosting site. She also works well with your intentions so that your website matches your expectations that it best reflects your medium.

— Barbi Dalton, Painter, Chapel Hill

Trudy created a website for me. I am a writer who is particular about the tone suggested by the images. Trudy patiently created a number of different logos with the ginko leaves I requested until I settled on the logo I liked best. She helped me to organize the pages into a structure that readers would find easy to use. I recommend Trudy because she understands how to create a site that reflects one’s particular interests and tastes.

— Linda Haac, Writer, Chapel Hill

Thank you so much for helping me create a website for my business. I am so happy with the way it turned out. I love how you created images to use in place of bullet points. And am amazed at how quickly you can make edits to my site when I need them. You are great to work with!

— Kay Pratt, RD, LDN, Esssential Nutrition

After seeing another artist’s website that Trudy had designed, I knew I needed Trudy to help me set up a new website so that I could add updates and images by myself. Trudy did an excellent job! I panic very easily when doing something computer related and Trudy made this venture a lot less stressful. The fact that Trudy knows her way around the computer like the back of her hand made the whole process almost effortless. Trudy has a good sense of humor which made setting up a new website a much more enjoyable experience. I love my new website!

— Martha Petty, Artist, Chapel Hill

Trudy Thomson created a website to help me create a portfolio to share my video work, my professional photography, and my work for print advertising purposes. She used WordPress so that I can upload new samples by myself. This includes photography files, photoshop files, and the use of embedded code for video formats. The site is straighforward and easy for viewers to access a variety of media. She is easy to get along with; she has technical as well as design expertise, which is an unusual combination.

— Cliff Haac, Videographer and Photographer in the Research Triangle

I just love my new website which I will use to showcase all my various interests in dancing, music, and writing. The background dandelion image is perfect as a backdrop for the name of my site: dentdelion, which as you know is french for dandelion. Also, thanks for helping me with the writing for the first page.

— Caroline Mueller, Chapel Hill teenager

I am an artist with a phobia of computer work, yet Trudy worked patiently with me to create a site. She understood what I wanted to convey, and efficiently set up a template. She taught me how to create photos for the site. She also helped me arrange for hosting. So I highly recommend her to anyone, especially to those who are shy with the computer.

— Jean Cerasani, Fiber Artist, Pangloss Studio