Testimonials About Video Production

quote iconThe two videos that are posted on my website are also posted on my Facebook page. One video is about myself and my process, showing me working in the studio. The other is an artistic slideshow of my latest work set to music. Both have been a wonderful way to showcase my work. Trudy’s help has been an invaluable asset to the promotion of my artwork!

— Shelly Hehenberger, Artist and Illustrator, Chapel Hill

As an associate that has worked with Trudy from many years back, I want you to know she has received many awards for her work. She is a producer that understands where money should be spent to get the “biggest bang for your buck”, as a director she knows how to make sure that the camera shots “match action” so the flow is natural, and as a writer she can “turn a phrase”. She receives high marks from me and many others on the local scene!

— Cliff Haac, Video Producer, Research Triangle Institute

The website and video clips you produced are perfect for our needs. As you know, the group I worked with could never find the time to make edits I needed. Now that you have created a site that is much easier to use, and shows an example of how we work, I am certain my business will grow even more.

— Jim Porter, Owner, Foundation Technology Systems

We had a great time making this short video that highlights my ceramic work, the ideas behind it, and some of the techniques I use to build my complicated pieces. Many visitors to my website have commented on how much they like the video, and it really does help present my work to the public. There was even one 5-year old who insisted on watching the video for weeks every night before going to bed!

— Judith Ernst, Ceramic Artist

The North Carolina Scenic Byways video series — produced through the NC Agency for Public Telecommunications — received both state and national attention. These programs succeed at increasing awareness of the geographical, historical, and cultural significance of North Carolina’s Scenic Byways. Ms. Thomson’s mannerism was extremely professional and very personable. She thoughtfully transposed sound educational practices into magnificently rich videos.

— Tracey Greggs, NC Dept of Public Instruction

I saw the final cut of the video this morning and it looks great!  Thank you so much for helping create this outstanding production.  It could not have happened without you, and your crew and the many others who joined our adventure of the “low budget” video that looks like a million dollars… and delivers a great message! I look forward to doing it again!

— Amy Snipes Crook, Director of Communications