Tilting Text for the Sake of Art

When I created the website for Triangle Visual Artists I had a grand time messing with the logo. I found a font that actually had different variations of letters, and by shifting between what was defined as uppercase or lower I could created letters with different slants.

Notice that the A in the word Triangle has a different slant than the A in Visual. It was a challenge to mess with variations but I feel the result is compelling. And there are many more things about this site that was particularly fun for me.

First, it had a slider that included various shots of art work that was on display at at very fine realty company. I shot the photography so that one viewed the array of work from different angles. The Exhibit/Events Menu provided opportunities to see what was coming up as well as what had occurred in the past. Each member of this virtual art group had his/her own gallery page with images that enlarged when clicked. Other menus items of interest to the public are Videos, a Blog, and Resource Links. Of particular interest to members was an embedded Calendar (created using google), and Member Info which included links to most everything members needed to stay on top of or use as a reference.

This remains one of my most favorite sites! Could be because I work at it nearly everyday to update and enhance. And as you might have suspected, I am a member of this new virtual art group that is really on the move, with a different show in a different city most every month. Take a peak at this site, and enjoy!