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  • gold jewelry

    Memories Are Made of This

    I recently finished up a video for one of my web clients that asked for a light breezy video piece that would showcase her finely wrought silver and gold jewelry in a manner that was subtle and created intrigue. We set up the videotaping so that her daughter, who was here briefly from her home […]

  • Home Page for website for Claudia Hug

    White Bright and Beautiful

    Recently I worked on a challenging website because it needed to provide eCommerce versatility for the purchase of very high-end  jewelry created by a silver/goldsmith who just moved to Raleigh from Switzerland. With the very active and valuable participation of the client we just finished up this view of her world, with a flourish of the […]

  • Nine Mile Photo

    Nice Formats for Photography

    I just finished up a site for a photographer who is getting ready to move here and we both like the look and feel of the new site I have created for him. I have used this particular WordPress theme before and I think it provides one with terrific options for galleries of work, which make […]

  • Screen Shot Belles header on granite no flower

    Start With A Header That Sets The Tone

    Catering to a Client’s Interest Is What It Is All About Recently I completed a website for a delightful and insightful client who offers a tasty and beautiful catering service in Cary. Just down the street from where I used to work at SAS. It was an interesting assignment because somehow their site was hacked by […]

  • neuroscience amazon perception

    Where to Look. What Neuroscientists Tell Us.

    The Latest in the field of Neuroscientists tell us about where to look, about when and why! From my very first exposure to Jungian and Freud psychotherapists, up on through various philosophers such as Sartre and Nietzsche, I have been interested in why we do what we do. After majoring in psychology in college, which pretty […]

  • Pelican Coastal Cottage

    Using the Blogspot Site

    Creating and hosting a site using blogger dot com is easy and a straight forward task. Plus, once you set up an account with google, creating blog sites is free! If you frequently want to have a place to post your images or ideas to, blogger makes it easy to work with and maintain. You can […]

  • Book Publisher

    Designing a Website for a Book Publisher

    On a few occasions I have used the application blogger to create a web site. This particular site that I created for Lystra Books and Literary Services is easy for Nora Esthimer to maintain. She can add new blog articles and update the site with new features she has access to through blogger.com. This website was […]

  • therapist

    A Strong Visual Presence Plus

    This is a short description about the many features employed at a website I set up for Martha Whitney, who is a local psychotherapist and Life Coach. We worked closely together to create a look and feel that Martha felt comfortable with and reflected her varied services, in a manner that was simple, direct, and […]

  • barbidalton

    Like A Stream Colors Flow

    This post is about a website I created for a local artist, Barbi Dalton, who paints expressive images of water as well as interesting vignettes of people and places. In her paintings of water her strokes show how water reflects light and forms patterns. In her vignettes her strokes suggest the unique posture of people as […]

  • Martha Petty artist

    Make the Details Dominant

    This article is about a website I created for an artist whose work intrigues me with the textural aspect of her paintings. She and I decided to include close up details of her work for the nivo slider on her home page. It was a way to interest viewers in the translucent and luminous qualities of […]

  • Dr. Head Phd

    Design for a Therapeutic View

    The design of this site for a therapist was created after Susan Head and I spent a while breezing through many natural scenes to select just the right image to welcome you to her website. This lovely wheat in the sun was settled on because it was warm, inviting, and suggestive of natural growth. It’s […]

  • EGIS Water Videos

    Make Your Website Work! Take Usability Action!

    For a website to be attractive it must have good clean design. Your logo, font, and colors should reflect the nature of your business. Big and bold is what I was taught to do. It still holds true and is almost exaggerated in visual design today. But, a critical question remains after all the professional photography […]