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  • gold jewelry

    Memories Are Made of This

    I recently finished up a video for one of my web clients that asked for a light breezy video piece that would showcase her finely wrought silver and gold jewelry in a manner that was subtle and created intrigue. We set up the videotaping so that her daughter, who was here briefly from her home […]

  • needlepointsofview

    Points of View for Needlepoints

    This website helps one bring into focus the fine details of needlepoint explored by Ralph Wileman. At the request of the client I added pop-up windows to display very detailed close ups that show the stitches in an almost magnified view. Ralph Wileman has coined the term “needle points of View” to describe his art […]

  • therapist

    A Strong Visual Presence Plus

    This is a short description about the many features employed at a website I set up for Martha Whitney, who is a local psychotherapist and Life Coach. We worked closely together to create a look and feel that Martha felt comfortable with and reflected her varied services, in a manner that was simple, direct, and […]

  • Ferns and Fancy art site

    Comparing Two Different Art Sites

    When I created my latest art website, which was a radical departure from the site I created nearly 12 years ago, I decided to use WordPress instead of the more intensive hand-coding I was used to. And it made my work much easier to do. My first site had been a serious black, with many […]

  • Dr. Head Phd

    Design for a Therapeutic View

    The design of this site for a therapist was created after Susan Head and I spent a while breezing through many natural scenes to select just the right image to welcome you to her website. This lovely wheat in the sun was settled on because it was warm, inviting, and suggestive of natural growth. It’s […]