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  • website design by Trudy Thomson

    Make the Statement Metaphysical

    I just finished up a website for a near friend of mine that has a range of cultural influences that effects her work. To design this site it required a rather intense organization of the photographs she had of her work, because she has been so very prolific over a number of years. The slider […]

  • sample-google-search-and-find-for-website-in-chapel-hill

    Directory Listings

    I regularly explore ways to get my website noticed when users search online. I am aware of the usual principles for Search Engine Optimization, that really focuses on worthy content and not tricky manipulation of a site. But it is also important to get your site listed with different directories that make sense for your particular type of […]

  • edward ralston

    Designing a Website for a Fine Home Builder

    For a builder in Chapel Hill and Durham. Here is the thinking behind a website I designed for my partner — Ed Ralston — who has built many fine homes in the area. Primarily in Durham, and mainly in north Durham where one finds large property plots with plenty of room for many square feet. But […]

  • trudythomson landing page top

    Landing Page Best Practices

    I just created a landing page in order to tie together the three sites I built for myself for my three main interests: web design, crafts, and blogging. This first image show you the top of the new page with a bold logo, a snappy smart looking banner and a link to the most active […]

  • Site about Fit and Clean food

    Boosting The Design of a Website

    Boosting the Design While Boasting About the Clean Life Here’s a site designed for a college kid who is oriented to staying fit and clean, which refers to a life style where processed food is pushed aside for healthier varieties for eating, and good easy fitness activities to boost your metabolism while your boast about […]