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  • website design by Trudy Thomson

    Make the Statement Metaphysical

    I just finished up a website for a near friend of mine that has a range of cultural influences that effects her work. To design this site it required a rather intense organization of the photographs she had of her work, because she has been so very prolific over a number of years. The slider […]

  • Nine Mile Photo

    Nice Formats for Photography

    I just finished up a site for a photographer who is getting ready to move here and we both like the look and feel of the new site I have created for him. I have used this particular WordPress theme before and I think it provides one with terrific options for galleries of work, which make […]

  • sample-google-search-and-find-for-website-in-chapel-hill

    Directory Listings

    I regularly explore ways to get my website noticed when users search online. I am aware of the usual principles for Search Engine Optimization, that really focuses on worthy content and not tricky manipulation of a site. But it is also important to get your site listed with different directories that make sense for your particular type of […]

  • Coloration Counts

    Coloration. It’s an important attribute to artists and an important attribute to web design. In a recent web development assignment I worked with an artist who recently moved here to Chapel Hill. She is an accomplished mixed media artist that has a plethora of varied work. Many of her paintings have an intense amount of […]

  • edward ralston

    Designing a Website for a Fine Home Builder

    For a builder in Chapel Hill and Durham. Here is the thinking behind a website I designed for my partner — Ed Ralston — who has built many fine homes in the area. Primarily in Durham, and mainly in north Durham where one finds large property plots with plenty of room for many square feet. But […]

  • Ferns and Fancy art site

    Comparing Two Different Art Sites

    When I created my latest art website, which was a radical departure from the site I created nearly 12 years ago, I decided to use WordPress instead of the more intensive hand-coding I was used to. And it made my work much easier to do. My first site had been a serious black, with many […]

  • Composer, Musician

    Arranging Musical Tones and Visual Gestures

    Here is a sample of an eCommerce site. I created this web site for an accomplished composer of both classical and jazz music — Edwin McLean. He lives here in Chapel Hill. He has published a wide array of sheet music, educational publications, and CDs. So the challenge was to create a structure that would enable potential […]

  • barbidalton

    Like A Stream Colors Flow

    This post is about a website I created for a local artist, Barbi Dalton, who paints expressive images of water as well as interesting vignettes of people and places. In her paintings of water her strokes show how water reflects light and forms patterns. In her vignettes her strokes suggest the unique posture of people as […]

  • Martha Petty artist

    Make the Details Dominant

    This article is about a website I created for an artist whose work intrigues me with the textural aspect of her paintings. She and I decided to include close up details of her work for the nivo slider on her home page. It was a way to interest viewers in the translucent and luminous qualities of […]

  • lindaprager-designs

    Design with Quadrants Around A Spine

    Here is an interesting layout for a website I designed for a ceramicist located here in Chapel Hill. Most of her work is hand built and assumes a variety of simple organic shapes. Many of her pieces are textured with markings that add a primitive decorative value to the art. Various expressions result from her sculpting […]