Square Space and All

I just finished revamping a website for a friend and fellow artist: Paul Hrusovsky, who is also a gallery owner. A few years ago he had another designer use square space to set it up and preferred the look he saw on the many websites I have designed about artists. So here is a short run down of what I found with the square space application which many others are now using — particularly for sites featuring galleries locally.

The first problem was the template he had chosen because it had all his menu selections at the left instead of the top, and that limits the space at the right for his gallery photos, which are important for any artist. So we switched his template to another one we both like name Montauk. It was very simple in its design and elegant. He wanted the design to be understated so his work would be the main feature.

One problem I discovered with Square Space was that there is no phone number to call and you have to deal with chat — which is rather random. And they really were not able to give us the details about how to solve our problems with revising the site. We tried many different options before we were able to get the app to behave itself when we moved everything around to a new look as well as new organizational structure — what I refer to as “architecture”. Any how. On my own I finally figured out how to make some things behave nicely. Like not two rules in one place and only one in another. Etc Etc.

Finally we were both satisfied with the new “emanation” of the site. Do take a look here to see his art work and his wonderful midcentury modern furniture in his gallery.