Reflections on Fine Fiber Arts

  1. jean cerasani

Here is a very straight-forwardverywebsite — created with WordPress — for a dear friend of mine and fellow fiber artist. She is quite skilled. She spent years creating hand detailed fabric for clothing designers in Miami. Her work is sumptuous, soft to wear, and also sits quite nicely on a sofa, as part of a pillow, on a wall as an object of art and reflection, or as a draped curtain to frame a view. The point of this article is to introduce you to her work and her new site. She was concerned that her site would look “corporate” and she wants her web design to be understated so that her work stands out as the primary object — unfettered by other visual distractions on the site. She prefers the black background. We tested white and grung and she finally liked a deep grey, not truly black. The background color was actually fun to work with, and fine with me because she wants minimal text to accompany her images. We spent quite a while with a worthy effort to make sure the underlined selections look sharp, readable and attractive. So now she is more than happy. And I am content that the site is sharp, modern looking, and sophisticated.

Any how in case you are interested, Jean teaches classes at John C. Campbell Folk School in the mountains of North Carolina. You might enjoy taking a class there. When I have trouble with my dying processes for fabric she is who I call for trouble shooting advice. Also her aesthetics are refined. So see her work now at her new website.

And, see other examples of the website design work I do (I am located in Chapel Hill, NC) by viewing the portfolio selections at this site which demonstrate the range of treatments and techniques I can use.

I enjoy working with artists, so contact me if you need a site to showcase your art work and style.