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Making Movies with your iPhone and iMovie

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Video is the best way to generate interest and entice people to use your services or purchase your products! Video can also be used to introduce or  explain an initiative of any sort! Video action — wide sweeps and closeups — provide the viewer with the best view and added details! When added to google’s YouTube you are likely to rack up the Likes by those who view!

No need to buy fancy video equipment,  learn how to use what your iPhone and your iMAC computer to create a nice product! Purchase this guide and you are on your way to success with video!


This instructional guide has three sections that cover basic shooting principles, how to edit your videos, and how to add music.

Section 1 – Shooting Video – Basic Principles

This document identifies the basic principles of film making, including the different kinds of shots that can be used to capture the attention of your audience. (Learn the same terminology used in Hollywood and documentary programs. ) There are links to sample videos that apply the basic concepts.

Section 2 – Editing Video with iMovie on a MAC

This section includes step-by-step instructions listing each option to click to accomplish a video task. Screen shots taken on the iMAC help orient you to editing with iMovie software.

As you read through this manual section you will be instructed to perform the following activities:

Create a new project, add a titles import media from your iPhone, view clips while arranging and  adjusting shots in your timeline. You also learn the basics about creating transitions, adjusting light and audio, and adding music. When your sequence is complete,  you learn how to publish your movie so you can share it with others!

Section 3 – Selecting and Downloading Music to iTunes

This includes links to free music and basic considerations related to selection.

Note that your iMOVIE Version on a MAC needs to be 10.1.2 or higher.


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