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Mixed Media – Rosie Thompson


The WordPress theme I used for this is Dandelion. This theme is easy to use and responsive (meaning it presents a symbol on phones and other devices that make it easy to use its menu).This website was created for a mixed media artist who has an extended list of exhibitions and many different galleries of images to represent her work over time. I find her material intriguing and loved how the black and whiteness of most pieces standout with such boldness at this site.

Triangle Visual Artists


This website was created using the WordPress theme Avada. I had a grand time creating the logo, the look, and the activity seen in the slider used on the home screen. I took interesting photos of a show up at a lovely location in Chapel Hill. I intentionally shot them at an angle to give different perspectives and actions to the scenes you sees. I am actually a member of this group. We are virtual and have shows at many different sites around Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, the Research Park and even further.

Mixed Media Artist Sandra Milroy


This website was built using the wordpress theme Dandelion.

This website was a while in the making because the client was busy emerged in many different activities. Her first web master was not accessible to her any longer so she approached me to rebuilt her site from scratch. I used WordPress and the theme Dandelion. She specified the font she wanted for her logo and I messed with the color scheme some to soften effects and she loved how it looked. Her work is delightful! Do get down into her various gallery pages to see what she produces. It always intrigues me and made this task a pleasure.

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