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Nadine Zenobi Jewelry

Nadine Zenobi creates  jewelry that is one of a kind and provides us with many views of her fine work! I provided consultation to Nadine about how to get started with Godaddy’s Website builder, which makes it easy for someone to write content and post images. I helped her get started on the structure of her website and showed her samples of key features she might choose to use. The resulting site is a visual delight and presents her works in a lovely manner.
See Nadine’s website here: https://skyriversjewelry.com

Mixed Media – Rosie Thompson


The WordPress theme I used for this is Dandelion. This theme is easy to use and responsive (meaning it presents a symbol on phones and other devices that make it easy to use its menu).This website was created for a mixed media artist who has an extended list of exhibitions and many different galleries of images to represent her work over time. I find her material intriguing and loved how the black and whiteness of most pieces standout with such boldness at this site.

Furniture Builder – Tom Colisto


I built this website using the WordPress theme Avada and used the plugin for eCommerce.

Tom Calisto makes exceptionally fine furniture that is classical in style. I can only imagine how much careful attention he must pay to the details! It is obvious how refined his skills are. Take a look at his galleries to see his lovely work. He just started up a shop to sell his handwrought tools. He is local. If you need something sophisticated and note worthy give his site a gander and contact this very nice gentleman! He was a pleasure to work with.

Essential Nutrition – Kay Pratt


This Nutrition site was created using Godaddy’s new website builder.

I recently rebuilt this site using godaddy’s Website Builder which has many nicely constructed templates, with most any feature–look–feel you might want. The beauty of this method is that you can see how it will look on the large screen and phone as you edit. Also, once I have built a site for someone using this approach they can easily add pictures and new text — even new pictures. And if they get confused they can call godaddy on the phone any time of day…and they will guide you through the clicks.

Therapy – Martha Whitney


This site was built using a WordPress theme Pexeto.

This website was created for a therapist and life coach who found a lovely variety of shots in the woods that all had lavender around different paths. The images were metaphorical and represented the different types of therapy she can offer. Her husband quickly learned how to manage this WordPress site and continues to add new features. They even uploaded a video entitled On a Path, which they created at Duke Gardens. They also added an audio file for A Brief Meditation! I applaud this couple for using medium in a meaning way that appeals to the senses.

Photographs & Video – Cliff Haac


This site was built using the WordPress theme named Avada.

Originally another theme was used, but we moved it to Avada because of its flexibiliy in look and fee. This site includes samples of print work, videography and photography from a wonderful local expert. He has exceptional background and serves as the head for photography and video at RTI!

Edwin McLean Music & Art


This website was built by a WordPress theme named “live!”

This accomplished composer wanted a place to sell musical scores and also display his art work, which is fabulous in its strict black and white boldly graphic imagery. The visual art is quite a contrast to his musical forms which are much lighter and more classical in tone. This involved uploading some sample audio files so folks could be introduced to his music.

Triangle Visual Artists


This website was created using the WordPress theme Avada. I had a grand time creating the logo, the look, and the activity seen in the slider used on the home screen. I took interesting photos of a show up at a lovely location in Chapel Hill. I intentionally shot them at an angle to give different perspectives and actions to the scenes you sees. I am actually a member of this group. We are virtual and have shows at many different sites around Chapel Hill, Durham, Hillsborough, the Research Park and even further.

Poet – Janis Harrington


This site was built using the WordPress Dandelion theme.

This site was built to feature Janis Harrington’s poet book, provide info about her background and share excerpts. We used the Dandelion theme for WordPress because it will be easiest for her to maintain. I also set up both a personal and professional Facebook page for her, and even created a first campaign for Mailchimp, to send out announcements to her various readings. Now she is nicely represented online. Enjoy the look and feel of this and do read her samples!

Stained Glass Art & Shop


This attractive site was created using Godaddy’s new website builder.

Originally I hand built this website using code but the look became out of date. I rebuilt this using Godaddy’s website builder. Suzie Geyer is a terrific client! She resized many of her images of her work and her student’s work so they would look all the same width as you go down the page. This is very important if you use the website builder — because you cannot push a pic a few pixels to the right or left to position things exactly where you want them, and you cannot crop within the template you select from Godaddy’s many nicely styled options. So I am very pleased with how savvy and sophisticated Suzie is! And what a day dream to work with.

Mixed Media Artist Sandra Milroy


This website was built using the wordpress theme Dandelion.

This website was a while in the making because the client was busy emerged in many different activities. Her first web master was not accessible to her any longer so she approached me to rebuilt her site from scratch. I used WordPress and the theme Dandelion. She specified the font she wanted for her logo and I messed with the color scheme some to soften effects and she loved how it looked. Her work is delightful! Do get down into her various gallery pages to see what she produces. It always intrigues me and made this task a pleasure.

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