This website helps one bring into focus the fine details of needlepoint explored by Ralph Wileman. At the request of the client I added pop-up windows to display very detailed close ups that show the stitches in an almost magnified view.

Ralph Wileman has coined the term “needle points of View” to describe his art pieces that are totally original in design and carefully executed. He has had shows at such prestigious places as the Horace Williams house in Chapel Hill.

Included here is a link a video I made that shows the pieces hung at that particular show.

A note of interest: Ralph was my mentor and teacher of Visual Design when I received my Master’s Degree that focussed on how to use media to get the best results, as defined by the client’s needs. It focusses on brain theory about how we cognitively process information to cause us to perceive or behave in a certain manner. My experience in his program ranks high with me as the most rewarding time of my life.

You can imagine how particular Ralph was about how his site would work and which features would be used to maximize the presentation of his lovely work! Ralph has enjoyed for this particular site and I remain indebted to him for his fine instruction about graphic design, whether it be used for print, for television, or for the web!

Here is a link to Wileman’s website.