Services to Promote You, Your Work, Products, and Services

Many artists, craft persons, and small business professionals need to have media products developed for them to meet a variety of needs. These products are usually referred to as marketing collateral. They are needed to spread the word about you, your products, or your services. And today there are so many different ways that you can promote and present yourself to the public. The following is a list of services that I can provide at a most reasonable fee. The list that runs the gamut from simple to sophisticated presentations, web assets, and marketing collateral.

Preparation of Photographic Images and Print Materials Using Photoshop

~ Design of a Logo to use in various formats including the web and print

~ Business Cards, Flyers, Lawn Signs, Post Cards for Invitations to Events

Image Prepared for a Print Publication

Image for publication green whirl disk

A Note Card to Promote My Open Studio Tour

Sample Post Card

A Sign to Point the Way to My Studio Gallery

Ferns and Fancy Sign

Business Cards

FernsandFancy Business Cards


 Poster Sample

Power Point Presentations

~ A slide show that you click through while you make a presentation

~ A slide show that automatically loops through each image (good for illustrations of a process and presented on a laptop at a open studio tour, a show or meeting)

~ A movie generated by Power Point slides that you can play on your laptop or hook into your website. And the show can have music! Or, if you wish, I can use professional editing software to make moves on pictures; this is particular nice for artists. For examples, see my new vimeo channel.