Nice Formats for Photography

I just finished up a site for a photographer who is getting ready to move here and we both like the look and feel of the new site I have created for him. I have used this particular WordPress theme before and I think it provides one with terrific options for galleries of work, which make is useful for photography. This theme lets you show a specific grouping of images that can easily be clicked on to enlarge and move between.

When David first contacted me by phone he said he was from out of state and asked about my fees. I wondered why he picked me to do a website. He said he found me through google and noticed on my home page that I preferred to work local; and that paid off because he came to visit to share his particular photos with me and let me transfer them from his laptop computer to my large desktop so I could get to work!

To create a logo I used a nice rule under parts of the site name so it would compliment the colors I selected for the site. Interesting that David was very patient and always pleased with my colors and style. (Interesting because the women I work for frequently obsess over this and it costs them a lot of money to keep changing logos, colors and visual ideas).

The most fun was to select a series of photographs that represented the range of his work. And by range I mean two things: one the idea of traveling along the road (nine miles or whatever length you might go) and the other the actual range of style of his work (which frequently incorporates fabulous photos of decrepid sightings and wall art from around the globe). It was a total pleasure creating this piece to show off his fine photography. Enjoy as I do!

Also read the press article about David’s unique ability to be satirical in his “photo presence”.

You can see the site in action here.

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