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  • Poetry on the Page

    Recently I created a website for a delightful poet named Janis Harrington. Her home page is a lovely staged pale blue for her sentiments. The painting she selected and credited provides the viewer with a gentle introduction to Janis’ fine work. Her home page introduces you to new activities as well as providing a detailed […]

  • Collaborative Art – Layer by Layer

    A very dear friend of mine just built a website to showcase the collaborative work of Shelly Hehenberger and Luna Lee Ray. Their artwork is handed back and forth with many layers of additions and subtractions to the visual “scene” viewed by the art admirers. I served as consultant while working with Shelly on a […]

  • Order and Flow

    Working with this client was a complete pleasure. The objective for her website? Keep it simple and sharp in the same way she creates “order and flow” to the home organizing efforts. Notice how she decided to cluster the text about her thought process and services. She listened closely to my advice about Search Engine […]

  • Shape the Shop with WordPress

    Recently I decided to add a shop to my crafts website but the theme I used did not allow enough menus items for me to include a shop, as well as a cart and checkout page so I first had to switch from Dandelion theme to 3Clicks, which is actually what I have used to […]

  • Compliment the Collage

    For this website the artist and I decided to use a subdued pallete so that her very active collage work could stand on its own without any visual competition. The artist picked the font for her logo, and we were quickly on a roll. Her work is intense, interesting, and fully realized. Do take a […]

  • Tilting Text for the Sake of Art

    When I created the website for Triangle Visual Artists I had a grand time messing with the logo. I found a font that actually had different variations of letters, and by shifting between what was defined as uppercase or lower I could created letters with different slants. Notice that the A in the word Triangle […]

  • Square Space and All

    I just finished revamping a website for a friend and fellow artist: Paul Hrusovsky, who is also a gallery owner. A few years ago he had another designer use square space to set it up and preferred the look he saw on the many websites I have designed about artists. So here is a short run […]

  • gold jewelry

    Memories Are Made of This

    I recently finished up a video for one of my web clients that asked for a light breezy video piece that would showcase her finely wrought silver and gold jewelry in a manner that was subtle and created intrigue. We set up the videotaping so that her daughter, who was here briefly from her home […]

  • website design by Trudy Thomson

    Make the Statement Metaphysical

    I just finished up a website for a near friend of mine that has a range of cultural influences that effects her work. To design this site it required a rather intense organization of the photographs she had of her work, because she has been so very prolific over a number of years. The slider […]

  • Home Page for website for Claudia Hug

    White Bright and Beautiful

    Recently I worked on a challenging website because it needed to provide eCommerce versatility for the purchase of very high-end  jewelry created by a silver/goldsmith who just moved to Raleigh from Switzerland. With the very active and valuable participation of the client we just finished up this view of her world, with a flourish of the […]

  • Nine Mile Photo

    Nice Formats for Photography

    I just finished up a site for a photographer who is getting ready to move here and we both like the look and feel of the new site I have created for him. I have used this particular WordPress theme before and I think it provides one with terrific options for galleries of work, which make […]

  • using mobile devices screen shot dec 2014

    Going Mobile Gets Results

    The Latest Research Addresses How Going Mobile Gets Results For the moment, when on a mobile device like a phone the second and third listing as a search result gets the best attention! And something new I had not hear of, called the Knowledge Graph is moving right along in popularity. This is something I […]

  • Screen Shot Belles header on granite no flower

    Start With A Header That Sets The Tone

    Catering to a Client’s Interest Is What It Is All About Recently I completed a website for a delightful and insightful client who offers a tasty and beautiful catering service in Cary. Just down the street from where I used to work at SAS. It was an interesting assignment because somehow their site was hacked by […]

  • sample-google-search-and-find-for-website-in-chapel-hill

    Directory Listings

    I regularly explore ways to get my website noticed when users search online. I am aware of the usual principles for Search Engine Optimization, that really focuses on worthy content and not tricky manipulation of a site. But it is also important to get your site listed with different directories that make sense for your particular type of […]

  • Coloration Counts

    Coloration. It’s an important attribute to artists and an important attribute to web design. In a recent web development assignment I worked with an artist who recently moved here to Chapel Hill. She is an accomplished mixed media artist that has a plethora of varied work. Many of her paintings have an intense amount of […]

  • edward ralston

    Designing a Website for a Fine Home Builder

    For a builder in Chapel Hill and Durham. Here is the thinking behind a website I designed for my partner — Ed Ralston — who has built many fine homes in the area. Primarily in Durham, and mainly in north Durham where one finds large property plots with plenty of room for many square feet. But […]

  • needlepointsofview

    Points of View for Needlepoints

    This website helps one bring into focus the fine details of needlepoint explored by Ralph Wileman. At the request of the client I added pop-up windows to display very detailed close ups that show the stitches in an almost magnified view. Ralph Wileman has coined the term “needle points of View” to describe his art […]

  • trudythomson landing page top

    Landing Page Best Practices

    I just created a landing page in order to tie together the three sites I built for myself for my three main interests: web design, crafts, and blogging. This first image show you the top of the new page with a bold logo, a snappy smart looking banner and a link to the most active […]

  • neuroscience amazon perception

    Where to Look. What Neuroscientists Tell Us.

    The Latest in the field of Neuroscientists tell us about where to look, about when and why! From my very first exposure to Jungian and Freud psychotherapists, up on through various philosophers such as Sartre and Nietzsche, I have been interested in why we do what we do. After majoring in psychology in college, which pretty […]

  • Pelican Coastal Cottage

    Using the Blogspot Site

    Creating and hosting a site using blogger dot com is easy and a straight forward task. Plus, once you set up an account with google, creating blog sites is free! If you frequently want to have a place to post your images or ideas to, blogger makes it easy to work with and maintain. You can […]

  • Sonia Ragan dancer

    What’s A Logo Have to Do with It

    Logo design requires a look that reflects the nature of the service to be rendered. In the case of Sonia Ragan, an accomplished dance instructor, I created a logo that is literately a swirl of activity. This compliments her robust style of dancing whether it be an American Rhythm or a more Latin beat. It also suggests an […]

  • Book Publisher

    Designing a Website for a Book Publisher

    On a few occasions I have used the application blogger to create a web site. This particular site that I created for Lystra Books and Literary Services is easy for Nora Esthimer to maintain. She can add new blog articles and update the site with new features she has access to through This website was […]

  • therapist

    A Strong Visual Presence Plus

    This is a short description about the many features employed at a website I set up for Martha Whitney, who is a local psychotherapist and Life Coach. We worked closely together to create a look and feel that Martha felt comfortable with and reflected her varied services, in a manner that was simple, direct, and […]

  • Ferns and Fancy art site

    Comparing Two Different Art Sites

    When I created my latest art website, which was a radical departure from the site I created nearly 12 years ago, I decided to use WordPress instead of the more intensive hand-coding I was used to. And it made my work much easier to do. My first site had been a serious black, with many […]

  • Site about Fit and Clean food

    Boosting The Design of a Website

    Boosting the Design While Boasting About the Clean Life Here’s a site designed for a college kid who is oriented to staying fit and clean, which refers to a life style where processed food is pushed aside for healthier varieties for eating, and good easy fitness activities to boost your metabolism while your boast about […]

  • TriArtSpark website for artists

    Make It Sparkle

    Well the design of this site — TriArtSpark — was instigated by a photo I took during the holiday season. I had waved my camera around in front of Christmas tree lights in front of a dark window. I liked the result so I took the image into Photoshop and I stretched the lights out […]

  • Ragu advertisement

    Make a Mark: Improve eCommerce Sales

    The product featured at the top of this post has serious corporate backing and considerable exposure. It is a brand most all of us know. (And I happen to like). It represents what is least effective because it does not call you to action. To explain why, this article I am writing points out the differences between traditional […]

  • Composer, Musician

    Arranging Musical Tones and Visual Gestures

    Here is a sample of an eCommerce site. I created this web site for an accomplished composer of both classical and jazz music — Edwin McLean. He lives here in Chapel Hill. He has published a wide array of sheet music, educational publications, and CDs. So the challenge was to create a structure that would enable potential […]

  • Blogging for Artists at Red Dot Blog

    What Experts Say about Blogging as An Artist

    Blogging has become the preferred way to communicate on line. And might be as popular and as useful as websites used to be for artists, small businesses or other initiatives. Here’s what two recognized experts on blogging about art have to say. I think these basic principles apply to any products or services you want […]

  • barbidalton

    Like A Stream Colors Flow

    This post is about a website I created for a local artist, Barbi Dalton, who paints expressive images of water as well as interesting vignettes of people and places. In her paintings of water her strokes show how water reflects light and forms patterns. In her vignettes her strokes suggest the unique posture of people as […]

  • Martha Petty artist

    Make the Details Dominant

    This article is about a website I created for an artist whose work intrigues me with the textural aspect of her paintings. She and I decided to include close up details of her work for the nivo slider on her home page. It was a way to interest viewers in the translucent and luminous qualities of […]

  • lindaprager-designs

    Design with Quadrants Around A Spine

    Here is an interesting layout for a website I designed for a ceramicist located here in Chapel Hill. Most of her work is hand built and assumes a variety of simple organic shapes. Many of her pieces are textured with markings that add a primitive decorative value to the art. Various expressions result from her sculpting […]

  • jean cerasani

    Reflections on Fine Fiber Arts

    Here is a very straight-forwardverywebsite — created with WordPress — for a dear friend of mine and fellow fiber artist. She is quite skilled. She spent years creating hand detailed fabric for clothing designers in Miami. Her work is sumptuous, soft to wear, and also sits quite nicely on a sofa, as part of a […]

  • Dr. Head Phd

    Design for a Therapeutic View

    The design of this site for a therapist was created after Susan Head and I spent a while breezing through many natural scenes to select just the right image to welcome you to her website. This lovely wheat in the sun was settled on because it was warm, inviting, and suggestive of natural growth. It’s […]

  • EGIS Water Videos

    Make Your Website Work! Take Usability Action!

    For a website to be attractive it must have good clean design. Your logo, font, and colors should reflect the nature of your business. Big and bold is what I was taught to do. It still holds true and is almost exaggerated in visual design today. But, a critical question remains after all the professional photography […]