Memories Are Made of This

I recently finished up a video for one of my web clients that asked for a light breezy video piece that would showcase her finely wrought silver and gold jewelry in a manner that was subtle and created intrigue. We set up the videotaping so that her daughter, who was here briefly from her home in Switzerland, would be part of the video. I planned the piece so the lovely young lady would gently caress each new piece of jewelry she wore, as she wandered through various portions of a property that has romantic environs. Scenes included a covered bridge, a creek, a fish pond, a lush lawn with bluette flowers and a few benches strategically positioned where one could contemplate while enjoying the view. Our videographer, Alex Maness, was highly skilled at making sure the composition and the lighting was just right. During the editing process, Jim Haverkamp found music that aptly led us through each scene as the story is told beginning with, “Let’s go back…”. The lyrics describe how one feels while thinking back through fond memories of earlier times and a rendezvous at this special spot.

Here is this piece, so do enjoy!

My Story-Swiss Smith from Trudy Thomson on Vimeo.

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