Make the Statement Metaphysical

I just finished up a website for a near friend of mine that has a range of cultural influences that effects her work. To design this site it required a rather intense organization of the photographs she had of her work, because she has been so very prolific over a number of years. The slider for her opening page was a challenge, because the earlier installation work she wanted included images she had transferred from slides of very poor color and quality. Fortunately I was able to use photoshop to crop out bad portions and to colorize the images in a way they let them “hang together” in one scene. Her work is intense, dramatic, and intriguing at the same time. Look at her various galleries and you will see what I mean. And you will feel! I do wonder what your reaction or interpretation might be. Do comment here on my blog if you have an unusual positive things to say!

See this site for a view of her many gallery entries!

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