Make the Details Dominant

  1. Martha Petty artist

This article is about a website I created for an artist whose work intrigues me with the textural aspect of her paintings. She and I decided to include close up details of her work for the nivo slider on her home page. It was a way to interest viewers in the translucent and luminous qualities of her medium, before viewing the entire works in her various galleries.

So you know, Martha Petty works in encaustic, “which comes from the Greek word Enkaustikos, which means to ‘burn in’. It is an ancient medium that goes back to the 2nd and 3rd century AD. ” And to quote more of Martha at her site, “encaustic paint is composed of beeswax, damar resin and pigment. The damar resin helps to harden the wax and makes the surface of the painting more durable.”

I also particularly like this website because of the subtle background color and the nice graduated bar placed under her name for subtle emphasis. The site appearance is subtle and the use of colors and various elements succeed at anchoring her highly textured work. Both her abstract and more figurative pieces benefit form her most free and expressive approach. The look is gentle and the feel is direct. Simple text for selections connect you with straightforward information about her art work.

Martha, who also lives in Chapel Hill, was also a delight to work with. I used WordPress to create this site and she managed to catch on to what could be considered complexities associated with uploading images and formatting text. She learned how sometimes the computer is trying to actually second guess what you are doing, and it is not usually your mistake, but a misunderstanding. And once one has tapped here and there to test out various aspects of a site to see what can happen, one realizes that the design decisions can be interesting rather than irritating. For Martha, it was simply a matter of her attitude adjustment. And now she is competent and confident with taking charge of the material placed on her site. Check out this link to see how the site works and examples of her art. You will not be disappointed.