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  1. TriArtSpark website for artists

Well the design of this site — TriArtSpark — was instigated by a photo I took during the holiday season. I had waved my camera around in front of Christmas tree lights in front of a dark window. I liked the result so I took the image into Photoshop and I stretched the lights out and down until they look almost like musical notations. I knew I wanted to use the imagery for a website; then it struck me that I could create a site for local artists to post their thoughts about recent work, and share it with the local community in the Triangle area where we live in the piedmont of North Carolina. The intersection of three universities provides a vibrant hub of artistic endeavors and activities.

I just happen to be the blog master for the Orange County Artists Guild but those articles are written strictly by members of that particular guild. I am pretty comfortable with WordPress so I  decided it would be fun to build another site to share the work of other artists around this area including Chapel Hill, Hillsborough, Durham,  Pittsboro, Raleigh and other places close by in various small towns. I would not limit this new site to visual arts, but would include artists from various fields including visual arts, music and literary pursuits. I do the heavy lifting of posting the pictures and text so each article will shine. And it “sparkles” because of the images I created that present dynamic gold figurative marks I stretched through the top and the bottom of the WordPress template.  Check this fun very rewarding guest blogger art site out at this link.  And if you have something original you would like to share, do contact me!

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