Like A Stream Colors Flow

This post is about a website I created for a local artist, Barbi Dalton, who paints expressive images of water as well as interesting vignettes of people and places. In her paintings of water her strokes show how water reflects light and forms patterns. In her vignettes her strokes suggest the unique posture of people as they go about everyday activities.

To develop her website, we selected a WordPress theme and created a look that compliments her work. The background color is a variation of gold brown which works nicely to anchor her work. It is not what you would expect for a website so it makes the site distinctive!

We used a quote beneath what is called a nivo slider and structured three content pieces below that so folks could have a preview of the different subjects of her paintings.

Since she is facile with photoshop and has learned how to update pages on her site Barbi can keep her material current without much involvement on my part.