Online Directories Can Improve Search Engine Results

book with tabs for directorySearch Engine Optimization benefits from listings in online directories, so it is important to sign up for as many as you can which pertain to your business or initiatives.

There are many different algorithms that search engines use to determine which sites come up to the top of the list after a search. In addition to different ways your web developer might use to increase this likelihood, there are a number of ways that you can improve your ranking. The most important thing for you to do is to create links back to your website from other websites — in order to increase your ranking and likelihood that you will get more hits and attention.

1. For instance, if you belong to an professional organization or guild that lists its members on their website, make sure your link is included in their directory.

2. Add the link to your website from as many online directories as possible. This includes the following directories, some or all might be appropriate depending on your type of website and initiative:

Google My Business


Bing (and Yahoo connected)

Yellowpage Listings


Yelp Listings


3. There is a “one stop shop” that helps you rapidly list yourself everywhere for a one time fee. They are know as Yext Powerlisting.

4. The web continues to evolve and grow. So continue to look for free and pay sites that help you get more traffic. Do a google search yourself for “list your business online” and see what comes up. And follow up if you think it might be useful or pertanent to your type of organization or initiative, product or service.

5. Ask your friends or associates to link to your site on their site. Many sites have a page or section for “Favorite Links”

6. Use social networking sites to list your business. This includes linkedIn, facebook, twitter, and youtube. And include links to these sites on your website.

7. Another idea is to create a blog and provide a prominent link to it from your website. The blog is any easy way to promote new products or services, to talk about unique new processes, or include news items that change on a regular basis. You can add pictures and link to special articles that you find interesting. Your web designer can easily set up a blog for you which you can write content for without having any technical expertise at all! Here is a link to an article I wrote that describes the the value of blogging — in this case to promote your art — but the principles apply to any endeavor you are involved in. It gives you ideas about how you can succeed at that effort. And it can be fun!

8. And one other thing that will definitely get you the most visibility is to pay for advertisements, so you site is prominently listed right at the top of a search. And you only pay for the ad if someone clicks on it. This can be inexpensive or very expensive depending on how much visibility you would like.