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I regularly explore ways to get my website noticed when users search online. I am aware of the usual principles for Search Engine Optimization, that really focuses on worthy content and not tricky manipulation of a site. But it is also important to get your site listed with different directories that make sense for your particular type of business.

yelp for business owners

Sample Searching on Yelp for Website Designer

So recently I decided to list my website with YELP. Here is my listing:

trudy thomson listing on YELP

This site is used by many individuals who rate different businesses and services in their area, including everything from restaurants to car repair. It took me a while to figure out how to best use YELP to list my website services. It is important that individuals provide recommendations for you; but for those to “count” these users have to be frequent contributors to YELP, otherwise the recommendations are not considered worthy! I have decided to sign up with Yelp because I do like to praise the various restaurants I go to. Many contributors to Yelp also voice their dissatisfaction with particular parties, so it can be a good place to check out the opinions before one selects a particular place or service to get involved with.

Here is a link to Yelp for Chapel Hill.

Any how, if you have a particular product or business that operates locally, you might want to explore Yelp as an option. Do be aware however that Yelp does not want you to ask your customers for recommendations. They award folks only if the opinions entered by locals are “organic” and just part of their regular attendance at that site.

Another service that might be useful to those wanting to offer bids for a particular type of work or job is called Thumbtack.

thumbtack for Trudy Thomson


After entering various types of information about your product or services, you might receive an opportunity to place a bid on a job. Click this next link to explore Thumbtack, and you might decide you want to use this particular service, which is available to many different types of businesses.

Link to Thumbtack

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