Designing a Website for a Book Publisher

  1. Book Publisher

On a few occasions I have used the application blogger to create a web site. This particular site that I created for Lystra Books and Literary Services is easy for Nora Esthimer to maintain. She can add new blog articles and update the site with new features she has access to through

This website was particularly fun to create because the client wanted a photographic image tucked behind her content. She happened to have an image that was easily adapted as a background; I made the central area white to hold text while the photograph shows through a transparent sidebar at the right, and between articles. The trees are in full view at the left and right to anchor the site and give it a feel of a natural environment, which works well for her service. Nora has mainly clients that are local and part of the piedmont scene. I created a simple logo for her that fills nicely at the top of the site.

You will notice this is more than a blog. I created pages for her different kinds of information. There is a Welcome page, Our Books, Literary Services, You’re Published, Events and Contact Me. The Publisher’s Thoughts is what serves as the blog.

If you are a writer, you might consider using Nora and her expertise to get you published. She is great to work with, very sensible and considerate.

Take a look at this site and I hope you enjoy it — visually and verbally!