Here is an interesting layout for a website I designed for a ceramicist located here in Chapel Hill. Most of her work is hand built and assumes a variety of simple organic shapes. Many of her pieces are textured with markings that add a primitive decorative value to the art. Various expressions result from her sculpting and carving into the clay.

To keep the emphasis on her unusual work, and compliment it in a way that does not distract from its innate charm, I created a site with a minimalist style. I selected simple fonts for understated text in the color of grey to compliment the handsome photography and inserted one thick grey rule to underscore her site’s name. I positioned a vertical dotted green line with a subtle shadow to separate her name from the selections to the right.

For the basic layout, I adopted a simple four quad split.  I positioned her logo at the upper left (which matches her domain name); and at the right I placed page choices with rollovers of green to indicate their selectability. On each page, the lower left quadrant contains the main content — descriptive text related to the imagery at the right. Normally, all text on a site would be left justified, but in this case I chose not to follow that convention. Note that the text in each quadrant is positioned to that it is tangent to the central spine of the design.

As a result, Linda’s site makes a simple but sharp statement. It grid steps back as a frame to showcase Linda’s fine work. It anchors the content — a generous offering of images with a minimal amount of verbiage.

Take a look at Linda’s fine work, and feel free to comment on the site design if you like!