Design for a Therapeutic View

The design of this site for a therapist was created after Susan Head and I spent a while breezing through many natural scenes to select just the right image to welcome you to her website. This lovely wheat in the sun was settled on because it was warm, inviting, and suggestive of natural growth. It’s as if it is saying, if you work with Susan she can bring things into focus for you; you will be nourished with the staff of life. For therapists, unlike artists that I frequently work for, there is a fair amount of critical information that must be imparted, but in a way that is not obtrusive or threatening. We structured the site so that the viewer is prompted below the image to read an introduction, see a list of psychotherapy services or gain insight into her philosophy of care. Then there are a series of pages with more specific details as selections at the top.

Dr. Head Phd Vertical VisualWith this site, which I hand-coded, I did something completely new. I cut a portion of the image to decorate the vertical sides of each page. And you will note how Susan had nice photographic images to make each page visual as well as verbal. Also, her contact information includes a embedded google map so folks can easily locate her office. Choosing complimentary colors for this site, and keeping it clean and simple to navigate was an objective of mine I feel was fulfilled. Working with therapists is always a treat for me because my undergraduate degree was is psychology and I had planned to be a therapist. As an undergraduate I had a serious focus on how the brain works; then in graduate school I turned to the design of media, which enhanced and extended my previous knowledge about cognitive processing. But the research I studied then was focussed on how one works with imagery or motion or audio to influence someone’s perception and interpretation of media. So if I know what my client wants her customers to do or feel, I can assist in influenced that behavior! See Susan’s site to enjoy this fine web piece!

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