Coloration Counts

Coloration. It’s an important attribute to artists and an important attribute to web design. In a recent web development assignment I worked with an artist who recently moved here to Chapel Hill. She is an accomplished mixed media artist that has a plethora of varied work. Many of her paintings have an intense amount of detail in shapes which are vague or realistic, as well as text that is large or small. One might suspect this would result in a look that is a cacophony of images; but when I view each piece of work I feel a solid sense of unity. A sense of completion of an idea. And a sense of color and composition that is correct! In her art statement, Bernice speaks about her use awareness of color and talks about how she builds up different surfaces using many sources and a mix of paint manipulated with many tools. Her work is so strong that I am not surprised that she has been shown widely and is in many private collections. Here is one example of a piece that is delightful, and intense. It is part of a series named Library Walk.

library walk by Bernice KoffWhen I got started on the design of the website I began with a dark background — pulled out from the image to the right– hoping the work would stand out in contrast. Although that has worked well for me with many other artists’ sites, it resulted in a strange dissonance. So I selected a light cream for the background, a darker cream to hold the logo and page selections, and a more intense color of a similar hue to anchor the central area. Once the pages were transformed into this new scheme, both Bernice and I knew we had found the best way to properly “frame” her work. You can see this at the shot

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