Boosting The Design of a Website

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Boosting the Design While Boasting About the Clean Life

Here’s a site designed for a college kid who is oriented to staying fit and clean, which refers to a life style where processed food is pushed aside for healthier varieties for eating, and good easy fitness activities to boost your metabolism while your boast about your new figure!

This design for the site named fitnclean used a powerful WordPress theme which is responsive, so it is easy to access on mobile devices. This is definitely important to the audience for this site, which is likely to be other college age students. The options for coloring various parts of the theme, named 3 Clicks. There are many ways to control the basic colors including the logo margins and navigation margins for a preheater, header, pre content, content, pre footer and footer section. And the layout for Posts and Pages are varied. Notice how the narrow black bars around the introductory slider and the various black margin punctuate this look and make it modern!

See the neat splashy series of images at the top. This is referred to as a Nivo Slider. In this case, it rotates through different groups of images the author of this site created. She selected to use various transitions to make the view dynamic and varied. It does maintain your interest.

This particular site is linked to Instagram where Giorgina Tucker, who happens to be my niece, has a strong and active presence!

Check out her site for great recipes and easy workouts you can do most anywhere. No need for a gym for these gymnastics!


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