This page offers you links to many resources that can help you improve the impact of your web site. You can keep these principles described in these articles in mind to make sure your web site follows best practices for web work.

Employ Smart Site Design Principles

brain imageIf you are interested in what makes a web site good see these simple design principles.

To get special tips about many different aspects of designing websites follow my blog at this site. That’s an easy way to get comfortable with why certain decisions are made for site design. You will read about sites for artists, for musicians, for writers, for builders, for therapists and other initiatives!

See the following links to read articles much more in depth from experts in the field:


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Note: To find hashtags on Instagram, open Instagram, click search icon at bottom of screen, type in text your are curious about, select tags as the filter, see the possible hashtags with more info about the usefulness of each particular one. Follow the ones most relevant to you and that get the most posts.


Know the Basic Principles of Search Engine Optimization

icon for searching use for SEOBeginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization

The Quality of Content Counts by Mace Dynamics

Use Directory Listings to Get Found

Common Myths About SEO

On Page Topic Targeting by MOZ

The Periodic Table for Search Engine Optimization

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Get a better response through Paid Ads

Find the Key to Success in Selling

key iconIf you are hope to sell products, read my blog article about how to improve eCommerce sales.

Here is a godaddy article about the best free eCommerce WordPress themes.

Access a terrific new library of resources about marketing at Hubspot.

Read a most detailed and informative article about marketing on both sides of the brain.

The importance of branding…questions to ask yourself!

Learn useful ways to sell handmade and unique products online.

Read about how to get your products sold through advertising with Instagram.

Find out from Godaddy what they consider to be the Top Twenty Crowd Funding platforms.

Attached is a pdf link to many valuable sources of information about marketing your art that I compiled when presenting a talk for the Orange County Arts Commission in October 2013 at the Art Center.

See this site to find out about sources for selling your art as well as various subject matters of interest to artists.

Pay for click advertising not so good for small business. Read about the problems from Forbes.

Major Report on How Art Sells on Line

My Comments about details for ECommerce Sites I have created:

When I have used WordPress I used WooCommerce as a plugin so I could have a shop. You also need an additional plugin WooCommerce Services to get shipping costs calculated based on zip code, and you do need to remember to add the weight to each product. Also, you must choose as the system of mailing USPS Premiere.

When I used Godaddy’s Website builder I was able to quickly build a shop page and easily create categories as well as sub-categories to add products to. This application requires you to use Square for customers to purchase. It allows you to determine whether you want to show estimated shipping costs as UPS, USPS, or both, which I do. And as usual you have to have an idea of the weight and the size of the box that will be used to mail the purchased item to your customer.