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  • Poetry on the Page

    Recently I created a website for a delightful poet named Janis Harrington. Her home page is a lovely staged pale blue for her sentiments. The painting she selected and credited provides the viewer with a gentle introduction to Janis’ fine work. Her home page introduces you to new activities as well as providing a detailed […]

  • Collaborative Art – Layer by Layer

    A very dear friend of mine just built a website to showcase the collaborative work of Shelly Hehenberger and Luna Lee Ray. Their artwork is handed back and forth with many layers of additions and subtractions to the visual “scene” viewed by the art admirers. I served as consultant while working with Shelly on a […]

  • Order and Flow

    Working with this client was a complete pleasure. The objective for her website? Keep it simple and sharp in the same way she creates “order and flow” to the home organizing efforts. Notice how she decided to cluster the text about her thought process and services. She listened closely to my advice about Search Engine […]

  • Shape the Shop with WordPress

    Recently I decided to add a shop to my crafts website but the theme I used did not allow enough menus items for me to include a shop, as well as a cart and checkout page so I first had to switch from Dandelion theme to 3Clicks, which is actually what I have used to […]

  • Compliment the Collage

    For this website the artist and I decided to use a subdued pallete so that her very active collage work could stand on its own without any visual competition. The artist picked the font for her logo, and we were quickly on a roll. Her work is intense, interesting, and fully realized. Do take a […]

  • Square Space and All

    I just finished revamping a website for a friend and fellow artist: Paul Hrusovsky, who is also a¬†gallery owner. A few years ago he had another designer use square space to set it up and preferred the look he saw on the many websites I have designed about artists. So here is a short run […]

  • Home Page for website for Claudia Hug

    White Bright and Beautiful

    Recently I worked on a challenging website because it needed to provide eCommerce versatility for the purchase of very high-end  jewelry created by a silver/goldsmith who just moved to Raleigh from Switzerland. With the very active and valuable participation of the client we just finished up this view of her world, with a flourish of the […]