Arranging Musical Tones and Visual Gestures

  1. Composer, Musician

Here is a sample of an eCommerce site. I created this web site for an accomplished composer of both classical and jazz music — Edwin McLean. He lives here in Chapel Hill. He has published a wide array of sheet music, educational publications, and CDs. So the challenge was to create a structure that would enable potential customers to easily access the wide array of musical publications he makes available through different commercial channels on the web.McLean is also a visual artist that works in pen and ink creating bold and cubist style paintings. He also works with water color, which he mixes to represent a sense of the tropical surrounds of Miami where he used to live. Part of the pleasure in working on this site is that Ed is not only fluent with the language of music, but also adept at creating a visual language of his own — used to boldly express motion and movement of the figures he draws.

The intent of this site is to create a simple bold statement that frames his work. You will note that I used primarily blacks, whites, and reds to accentuate the modern simple style of his art work. I also laid out page selections so that one can quickly move to whatever is of interest.

I need to note, that throughout the process, Ed was most attentive, thoughtful, and careful in his consideration of each “web design stroke” as he is with his own work. And he was appreciative which made it a pleasure to carefully craft this site for his particular needs!

So, take a listen and a look at the website for Edwin McLean, Composer and Visual Artist.