A Strong Visual Presence Plus

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This is a short description about the many features employed at a website I set up for Martha Whitney, who is a local psychotherapist and Life Coach. We worked closely together to create a look and feel that Martha felt comfortable with and reflected her varied services, in a manner that was simple, direct, and also visually appealing. Martha found an entire series of wonderful photographs to enhance each page. Each showed varied woodland paths with striking violet flowers which serve as the “foundation” for each scene. The site hangs together because it has a cohesive look and feel. The heading text and links repeat the lovely deep violet color. Martha has been very proactive in enriching the basic site and on her own; because it is created in WordPress she can add and update text, add images, as well as many other items to enhance what she offers her viewers!

Martha Whitney, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. As you move through her site you find many valuable resources that can assist you in  your search for a “clearer view” of the positive paths she can help you take. On her welcome page she added an introductory video that describes in her own words her approach; it includes scenes that are calming while she offers you “a new direction of your choice”. She has embedded an audio file that provides the listener with a brief meditation that introduces you to “mindfulness of the breath”.

Martha’s site represents what many refer to as “value added”, meaning that not only does it give you background about a provider and the services, but it also gives you additional resources that are useful in many different circumstances. For instance, under her resources page you can access many articles she has written about an array of issues and counseling expectations; she also actively maintains a blog with articles describing many useful approaches or things to consider that help individuals grow and change.

Kudos to Martha Whitney! I imagine that anyone with this versatility and sensitivity to the nuances of a website would be most effective at counseling while assisting others through a variety of challenges. To witness this for yourself, see this link to Martha Whitney’s website.