Work with a Designer That Is Local 

Located in Chapel Hill, Trudy Thomson Offers Intuitive Design

Located in Chapel Hill, Trudy Thomson Offers Intuitive Design

Keep in mind that a designer that is local is more likely to understand the particular challenges you face at your locale and market. Most of my clients are close by — from Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Pittsboro, Hillsborough and Raleigh. I enjoy working local — because it feels more personal and I can create at an easily customized scale!

The websites I design are for artists and other professionals, for small business persons, and other initiatives.  I enjoy creating a look and feel that compliments a client’s work.

Work with a Recognized Expert

Of recent note, I just received an unsolicited Award Badge and notification that I was recognized as One of the Ten Best Web Designers in this area. They reached out further than Raleigh to look at sites in Durham, Wake Forest, Holly Springs and Chapel Hill. They reviewed over 280 sites and judged the work by these criteria: Reputation, Credibility, Experience, Availability, Professionalism, and Engagement. I was the only one from Chapel Hill!

Be Smart About Your Marketing

Thumbs Up

Thumbs Up For Smart Marketing

With over 25 years experience in media design and marketing, I can offer you a wide range of services. Websites I design create just the right response. So potential customers or clients feel compelled to take action, feel secure in using your service, or appreciate the beauty of a product, be it commercial or artistic. Because of my varied experience, I can often anticipate opportunities and quickly determine what you need by using the right words and the right imagery!

Tell the Designer About Your Needs

Listening to a Client's Needs

Good Listening Skills is Important

Before I design, I listen carefully to your needs and the goals for your site.  My design is interactive as I work closely with you to include the features which best promote your primary communication needs. My role? To understand your interests so I can craft a message that hits the mark. Your mark. How it looks, how it feels and what it says about you.

I am both a tech counselor helping you to gain insight into what you hope to achieve, and an artist making sure your site is attractive.

Choose a Visual Style That Has Impact

Eyes Look Left

Sites Benefit from A Good Eye for Design

My web designs are clean and contemporary; I choose themes and color schemes that are pleasant to view and viewers find attractive. Clients comment that my visual design is imaginative. When I design for artists, I compliment the particular style of your work so that it is shown at its best. For other professionals, I select visual elements that make a strong statement about your type of work.  I also design logos to compliment your style and reflect a tone that for your particular viewers will be well received.

Sharpen the Message with Good Writing

Hands on Keyboard

Words Need Action to Attract the Right Attention

With my strong background in writing for media, I can help you craft a verbal message that supports the visual. I can help articulate the purpose of your site and promote your talents, your products, or your services in a direct and engaging manner. In addition, I can turn a phrase to make the tag lines that identify your work memorable, and your headings appealing.

Build a Strong Foundation

Flow Chart

Usability Can Make or Break A Site

When building a website I can help you structure the content so that it is easy for viewers to navigate and quickly access what they need. What to click on and where to go should be intuitive. This is a major strength of my work; my architecture for a site is the foundation needed, before embellishments are applied.

Use WordPress for Fine Features

Wordpress Icon

WordPress Offers An Array of Fine Features

In the past few years I have moved my development efforts from hand-coding my websites to the use of WordPress. Why? Because Wordpress offers a wide array of highly functional themes. And it is easy to customize the site so it meets your particular needs. If you are inclined with just a little training you have the option of updating your own text and images, as well as promoting your particular interests in a blog.

There are two places that I recommend for selection of an appropriate theme. One is Themeforest, which has WordPress themes with a wide variety of specialized features and most professional looks. The second I am interested in is a group named Elegant Themes. This group offers valuable blog articles about how to best use WordPress themes.

Spread the Word through Social Media

Social Icons

Use Social Media to Spread the Word

I can also help you with appropriate uses of Social Media, and build a website that incorporates icons that help you integrate your different social media efforts. I am also well-versed in blogging, maintaining a blog about the use of media on this site and also  a blog about my art and other individuals. I can integrate your blog with your website which can help you gain visibility in the world of web media.

Use Reputable Domain and Hosting Services

godaddy pic

Godaddy Is Most Dependable And Answers the Phone!

I work with different internet services for domain registrations and hostings, but I most impressed with godaddy. Most of my sites have been built using them to establish a domain and host sites, whether they are hand coded or WordPress site. I can help you get set up with them and  guide you into making the best decisions about which service to use and why! We can initiate the contact properly together and avoid charges for unnecessary features!

You might also note this Verified Seal icon from godaddy. The site you are viewing has a SSL certificate so you know it is secure while you are here!

Follow Best Web Practices and Search Engine Optimization Principles

Be at the top when people search for you!

Be at the top when people search for you!

I also understand the basic principles of Search Engine Optimization, so I can create a website design that follows the best practices and guidelines needed to get you recognition.

Here’s a site about Cornerstone Content which can help your viewers appreciate your website. It is important that your content is interesting and insightful. And if Google considers it worthy it will rank you higher in its listings. By the way, Cornerstone Content is published by SEO by Yoast, which is the most dominant plugin for Wordpress SEO.

Also, to find out more about how to succeed on the web I continually update a special resources page on this website to keep your informed. There you can read more about basic principles of SEO, smart design and marketing ideas, as well as how to blog, how to sell, and how to make the best use of social media.

Add Video to Enhance Your Site

For those of  you interested in including video on your site, I can create video — with true motion or as a slideshow of images with special unique effects. I can teach you how to create video using your iPhone and edit with iMAC movies.

Any video piece I produce for you will be properly encoded for the web and easily embedded into a website. I upload my more artistic and playful videos on a Vimeo channel, while I upload more serious programs for business or non-profits to YouTube.

Here is a sample of an “advertisement I made” for my website services…

For examples of videos I have created for artists and galleries, see this page.

For examples of the video work done in the past while I was in a corporate environment, producing programs for business and non-profit organizations as well as NC state government, see this page.