Comparing Two Different Art Sites

When I created my latest art website, which was a radical departure from the site I created nearly 12 years ago, I decided to use WordPress instead of the more intensive hand-coding I was used to. And it made my work much easier to do.

Art by TrudyMy first site had been a serious black, with many images clustered around a central area. Intense on time, but interesting to do. Here is an example of what it used to look like at the left. I make a broad banner with fern pictures I took in my garden and stretched them across the top with text. I also placed fern leafs with rollover effects to make page selections at the left, used text links for some info, and created beveled edges that looked like glass around each picture, because I worked with fused glass. It was a little over the top in efforts, but I do think it was sharp.

Ferns and Fancy art siteWith this new site, which you can see at the right, I continued with the idea of my theme “Ferns and Fancy” because I live in an unusual spot on a hill covered with ferns. And I live along a woodside trail, which is actually the name of my street. So here you can see what theme or metaphor I used to frame the presentation of my work. For a simple logo I created a small logo with ferns leafs and script for the text Ferns & Fancy. I use this on my business cards and even sometimes wear a brimmed hat with the logo printed on it.

The welcome page, which I named The Trail, has a sequence of images that you can swipe to the side to see more (or click). Thus, one reads: Click on or wipe an image to move down the trail of art images. Amidst the ferns, we create our fancy. The word we is used because I partner with a wonderful guy who builds frames for me, templates, trays, panels and structures in which to display by work. The selections for arts and crafts are organized under either glass or fiber, then there are other pages that tell you about my background, my contact info, a page of videos about my art work, and a fairly active blog. This is just one of many ways to create an art website; I did choose to intentionally create one that was a bit different and unique. Hope you enjoy viewing the site.