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Collaborative Art – Layer by Layer

A very dear friend of mine just built a website to showcase the collaborative work of Shelly Hehenberger and Luna Lee Ray. Their artwork is handed back and forth with many layers of additions and subtractions to the visual “scene” viewed by the art admirers.

I served as consultant while working with Shelly on a new theme, a look and style, and implementation of the various features she wanted to include. The site is very straight forward as their work is on display — so as not to be distracted by unnecessary colors or stylistic features.

Do take a look at the site! Their work is over the top in its richness and imagination. Enjoy…here is their website in action.

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Using Woo Commerce with WordPress

Recently I decided to add a shop to my crafts website but the theme I used did not allow enough menus items for me to include a shop, as well as a cart and checkout page. Originally I worked with the Dandelion theme but then switched to 3Clicks, which is now defunct. So once again I have adapted the site to the ever popular Avada them. Woo Commerce allow you to upload images and add information about each item in the shop created by WooCommerce. This is important, you also need an additional free WooCommerce plugin to get the shipping rates accommodated to the zip code! Also, one needs to scroll down deep into the page to add the weight for each item, so that can be considered when calculating shipping costs. I used USPS and Paypal because they were the simpliest and least complicated of systems! Here is the final product, hope you enjoy!

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