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Trudy Thomson Web Designer

Trudy Thomson Web Designer

Good website design anticipates opportunities

Are you looking for website design that is imaginative and intuitive? Websites can have a vast array of features, and because of my varied experience I can anticipate what you will need. My approach is organic: the content flows naturally, and the product is grounded and sustainable.

And benefits from working local 

It’s important for me to work locally so clients have the option to  work one-on-one with me to select the look and feel that they prefer for their site. In the past I have worked for corporations in the Research Triangle, and was fortunate to manage high-end projects with hefty budgets.  But today, I enjoy working on a smaller scale, and at a more personal level. I design websites for artists and other professionals, for small business persons, and for other initiatives. Most of my clients are close by and from  Chapel Hill, Carrboro, Durham, Pittsboro,  and Hillsborough.

Good Listening Skills

Good Listening Skills

Good website design requires a good ear

When I design your website, I listen carefully to your needs and goals for your site.  My design is interactive as I work carefully with you to include the features which best promote your primary communication needs. I am both a tech counselor helping you to gain insight into what you hope to achieve, and an artist making sure your site looks as good as possible.


A Good Eye for Design

A Good Eye for Design

And requires a good design eye

My web designs are clean and contemporary as I choose themes and color schemes that attract viewers. When I design for artists, I compliment the particular style of your work so that it is shown at its best. For other professionals, I select visual elements that make a strong statement about your type of work.  I also design logos to compliment your style and reflect a tone that for your particular viewers will be well received.

Good website design benefits from good architecture

Hands on Keyboard

Makes It Easy to Make Selections and Read

When building a website I make sure that the organization of content and structure of the site makes it easy for viewers to quickly access the information they need. This is a major strength of my work. Although I originally hand-coded my websites, I now prefer to work in WordPress because it is faster to create and more user-friendly. If you choose WordPress, you will have the option of updating your own text and images, as well as promoting your particular interests in a blog.

And benefits from strong writing skills

With serious training and a strong background in writing for media, my style helps to articulate the purpose of your site and promote your talents, your products, or your services in a direct and engaging manner. In addition, I can turn a phrase to make the tag lines that identify your work memorable.

– Trudy Thomson

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