Thomson of Chapel Hill Offers Unique Web Design Benefits

Trudy Thomson Web Designer

Trudy Thomson Web Designer

Good website design

Anticipates opportunities

My website design is imaginative and intuitive. I can anticipate what needs to be done before you’ve thought of it. My approach is organic. It is grounded, the content flows naturally, and the product is sustainable.

Requires a good ear

When I design a website, I take the time to listen to what the client wants, what they expect, and hope to gain from having a website.  My design is interactive. I create a number of logos — based on what the client has in mind, and I share the design of these logos with the client, until we settled down and select what each client likes most.

Requires a good design eye

My visual designs are clean, contemporary and uncluttered. I work with colors that compliment the logo or major features that you want to promote. For artists I compliment the particular style of your work so that the presentation does not upstage your work. For other professionals, I select visual elements that make a strong statement about your particular talents, your products or your services.

Benefits from timely development

Although I originally hand coded my websites, I now prefer to work with WordPress, because it is faster to create something simple or robust. And if you want to update your text or images yourself it can be done using a WordPress application, without incurring any website master’s update fees.   It can be a confusing to assess the particular features associated with a theme, so I help guide you through that process to make sure you get the functionality you need.

Benefits from good architecture

When I build a website I make sure that the underpinning or blueprint makes it easy for viewers to quickly access whatever information or visuals they are curious about. This is a major strength of my work.

Benefits from writing skills

With a strong background in writing for media, my style helps to articulate the purpose of the site. It can call people to action and promote the work, service or product in a direct and easily understood string of words. And I can turn a phrase to make the tags that identify your work memorable.

Benefits from working local 

In my past I worked for corporations in the Research Triangle. I was fortunate to manage high-end projects with hefty budgets, but today I enjoy working on a smaller scale,  and at a more personal level. I work primarily for folks in Chapel Hill, in Carrboro, in Durham, Pittsboro or Hillsborough. I set up and design websites for artists, as well as for other professionals, for small business persons and other initiatives. I prefer to stay local, so if clients want to they can sit with me to select the look and feel that they prefer.

– Trudy Thomson

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